Hello you! I’m Haida!

And welcome to A Life Reworked! In a world where burnout is fast becoming a global pandemic, I help folks who are burnt-out get back their passion and energy so they can lead happier and healthier lives (without feeling bad!).

I do this by supporting you to take on consistent and impactful actions to bring lasting change and create a lifestyle that focuses on work-life balance (and you of course).

I know burning out sucks. I’ve been there. The exhaustion and exasperation that doesn't seem to go away. The incessant mental chatter telling you to suck it up. Because the last thing you want is... to be seen as WEAK and NOT CUT OUT FOR THIS.

It Doesn’t Always Have To Be This Way.

Burnout happens. To pretty much everyone - entrepreneurs, aid workers, nurses, creative ones, parents etc. Anyone who’s given way much more than what they eventually got is likely to burnout.

When you’re burnt-out, you feel stuck in a rut, tired, unmotivated, frustrated and not sure how to get out of it.

Now the good news is: burnout doesn’t have to stick around forever. It doesn’t have to be the feature of your life.

BUT to get there, you gotta start getting real about taking clear actions for your life right now.

Where Do I Begin?

Making change can be hard (and even frightful). So how do we deal with this?

We take on minimum viable action.

Burnout tires your physical body and turn your brain fuzzy. And it’s hard to focus when you’re demotivated. To turn these around, we create small and doable actions that generate momentum. So you can start seeing change.

Sounds simple right? That’s because it really is.

What’s actually hard is getting started and keeping that momentum going. Each and everyday. That’s where I come in. What you need is a trusty sidekick to help you get through these fuzzy times, have your back and push (and cheer!) you on.

From there, you'll see nothing is more important than the belief that you can be in control of your own destiny.


What My Clients Are Saying

Not having done any coaching before, Nurhaida knew exactly how to ease me into the subject. She guided me when I lost myself in thoughts. She helped me reformulate my thinking so they became clearer and to approach subjects I didn’t even know were important for me. I can only highly recommend her.
— Katharina W, Lawyer, Austria
I turned to coaching when I reached a professional cross roads where no answer was wrong but none were quite right either. Haida is an excellent listener, pragmatic and very enjoyable to speak to. I’ve made a decision that I am very happy with, and walked away understanding my own value system a lot more, my professional self-worth and personal priorities. This is no small achievement and one I could not have done without Haida. I would thoroughly recommend working with Haida. I know when my next big decision comes along, I will be dropping her a line.
— Lisa M, Aid Worker, Ireland
Nurhaida provided the support I needed to help transition out of my current job and start making intentional decisions about what I wanted my future career and my personal life to be. She coached me through my constant state of brainstorming to distilling down what decisions I needed to make into small actionable steps to reach my goals. She held me accountable to my commitments and motivated me to continue down the path I had set.
— Sarah C, Aid Worker, USA