About me + Probably also a lot about you


I Know What Burnout Feels Like And What It Does. I’ve Been There. Repeatedly.

Some days you're doing somewhat OK and other days, you're exhausted, frustrated and demotivated about work and life (probably doesn't help if you're stuck in a toxic workspace). You work hard and you don’t want others to assume you’re cracking under the pressure. 

Gosh, you’re tired of being tired. 

I hear you and I’m going to share you three things I know to be true. 

First things first, I want you to know that you're not alone. 

Second, I'm here to help you get out of that yucky burnout. 

Finally, I don’t have all the answers but together and with your commitment, I’m very confident we can design you a life that’s way better than the one right now, with Uncle Nasty Burnout in it. 

Why Do I Care So Much?

Because I don’t want you to hide your burnout under the floorboards letting it eat your best years away.

Let me share you my story.

A few years back, I was a hot mess, sick, felt hollow inside and exhausted beyond words.

My volcano-eruption burnout was an accumulation of many small ones. I saw the signs but chose to ignore it. I partied and kept myself busy. As an aid worker, it felt good to numb myself against a reality filled with paperwork, meetings, broken relationships and human tragedy.

Aid work was about helping people but I mostly felt helpless and hopeless. But to walk away meant I was not cut out for this line of work. So I went about my days, weeks and months telling myself to suck it up and drowned my frustrations with poor choices. 

It took a friend to wake me up from my stupor and I finally forced myself into recovery.


In recovery, I had to relearn what it means to take care of myself. It was not easy, figuring it out on my own and trying to make changes that stick.

The biggest lesson I learned during recovery is that instead of focusing on big changes, it was far better to make small, incremental and consistent actions (seriously, that was a delightful revelation!).

When I take small actions, burnout seems less scary and more manageable. That's not saying I’m not ever going to burnout. Once in a while, I still do but I no longer let it bully me into a cycle of exhaustion and despair. 

I know exactly what those triggers are now and what I should do when they come around.

And so can you.

The point is to learn from your experience and create consistent actions you can take so the next time you're on the burning edges again, you can act with more confidence and impact before it completely sucks you in.

This is the SECRET of how we truly recover.


This Is Also Where I Come In.

When I was recovering from my burnout, what I found missing was the human connection. Around me, I see many folks with burnout symptoms but very few wanted to talk about it. It was as though burnout was something that should to be handled privately - all on your own.

‘Hush, don’t talk about your burnout lest they think you’re weak and can’t get it together.’

I’m On A Mission To Change That Narrative. You Don’t Have To Figure It Out Alone. You Deserved To Be Heard, Encouraged And Supported.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

My expertise is helping people recover from burnout in a way that really works for them. And what’s different about how I do it?

I'm different because I have been there in your shoes. I’ve been broken by burnout and I know how hard and yucky the days can be. 

I’m different because I don’t cut and paste a one-template-type solution for you. Everyone goes through their own unique experiences. To create lasting changes that actually works for you, we’ll focus on the expert of your life aka YOU. 


A wee Bit about me:

Certified Professional Coach + Ayurvedic Practitioner + Aid worker

For the past 10+ years, I’ve been working for the UN and international organisations and have lived and worked in Australia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Turkey and Syria etc.

I grew up in the tiny island of Singapore so the love for good food (and cooking) is deep. I have a Bachelor in Theatre Studies and a Master of Public Policy (weird combo right). But I love mixing various elements together. This is also what I bring to coaching. I marry my coaching with elements of Ayurveda, design thinking and creative play.

My coaching journey began in northeast Syria and nurtured in Turkey. A Life Reworked was born across the Southern Carpathian mountains in Romania, polished in Colombia and launched on the road in the USA. I created this platform to share my story and to support others with similar experiences share theirs. Because when it comes to burnout, we’re all in this together.

So what now? Where do i begin?


If you’re looking for micro actions you can start with to help ease your stress and burnout, why not start here? Grab your freebie today!

Super easy stuff you can do - promise!