I’ve never done any coaching before. What is coaching?

Simply said, coaching is a series of conversations aimed at helping the client move from where they currently are to where they want to be. All types of coaching are really about helping the client to become better. A good coach believes the client is very capable of finding their answers, and works with them to get there. 

Unlike therapy or counselling, coaching focuses on the future versus looking at the past. 

Coaching seems so ‘airy-fairy’. Will this be the case in our sessions?

Ha, not on my watch! 

Coaching is actually more mainstream today. Given today’s hectic lifestyle, the value of coaching to help individuals deal with various life stresses is becoming increasingly evident. Many prolific leaders in business, government, the arts etc. work with coaches to step up their game. Why not you?

Sure, there are coaches who speak ‘coach-y language’ and they’ll insist you can do anything under the sun if you just believe. I’m not one of those. I’ve never been ‘airy-fairy’ and have no clue how. My job as a coach is to support you not with smug cheerleading but with common sense.

Hmm I don’t know if this program will help me. How can I be sure?

You’ve likely read my content so something must have clicked to bring you here. I’ve designed my program from years of experience, discovery and learning from my mistakes. I’ve gotten my hands dirty. I’m also a certified professional coach so I’m trained on how to guide you in this process. 

The only way to be sure if you’re ready is for us to have a chat and get a feel if we make a good fit. That way, you can share where you are right now and see if I can help. If we’re not a match, that’s OK. I’ll point you in th right direction.


How do I pay you?

Once we’ve had our consultation, I’ll invoice you via Paypal. Unless a payment plan is agreed upon, full payment is required before we commence the first session.

how do i sign up for a free consult?

Super easy. Drop me a note here and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours. Prior to starting, I insist we do a consultation. It's free and a great introduction to what we'll be doing.