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Does This Sound Like You?

You're short-fused, exhausted and can't think straight. Deep down you’re feeling somewhat unfulfilled. Or disillusioned and feeling underchallenged and can’t see where your life is going.

Your mind is on an endless loop telling you to suck it up. Instead of slowing down for a tiny minute, you say, ‘Nah, it’ll pass’. But it hasn’t, has it?

I Hear You. You Are Not Alone.

Me? I saw the signs but chose to ignore it. So the burnout piled on year after year. Mission after mission. Until I finally had to force myself into recovery. I know how messed up it can get. BUT more importantly how much better it can be.

Burnout Goes Away When You Start Making Small + incremental Changes.So how do we do it?

When you’re burnout, it’s hard to see and think straight. Which is why I am here to help you clear those cobwebs and shake things up.  

We’re going to cut through the mental chatter, fears and doubts that have been holding you stuck in the burnout pits. You’ll take on small, doable and clear actions - to release the inertia and give you a boost. This will create momentum. From there, you will see that change is absolutely possible.

We’ll focus on healing the body and mind as a whole because to kick burnout to the curb, your body and mind need to work together as a one cohesive beautiful unit.

We’ll set you up with everyday-tools-you-can-use time and again so when life throws you a curveball or you feel burnout lurking round the corner, you know just what to do.

This Is How You Keep Going.

This Is How You Become Stronger.

This Is How You Recover From Burnout.


what would you like to do today?


Are you looking to get some clarity around a particular issue that’s been stressing you out and not sure what to do about it? Sometimes, a laser coaching can be helpful to get that fuzziness out of the way!


If you’re looking for sustainable ways to bring wellness into your life and prevent stress and burnout from taking over down the road, this package might just be what you need!


Are you seeing all the signs of burnout or possibly in the midst of it but feeling lost or unsure what to do? You don’t have to figure it out on your own. This package is here just for that - to help you navigate your burnout so you can come out better.

What my clients are saying

nurhaida was instrumental in helping me through a few situations. she was sharp, straight to the point, very objective and an excellent active listener. she only knew me for 5 minutes but was quickly able to understand what i was going through. her questions were spot on and helped me figure out what i needed to do.
nurhaida coached me during a time of significant change and transition. at the time i was feeling a little low and not very confident in my new venture (as a self employed coach). she helped me to improve my self-confidence and self-image and this has already started to reap rewards during business development meetings that i have had since!
i worked with nurhaida when i was transitioning between careers - a scary period as it was the first time i ventured out after 14 years. her powerful questions allowed me to uncover what’s hidden within my subconscious mind, actions and feelings which i was unable to make sense of on my own. with her support, i was able to experience internal shifts which i desperately needed. she never fails to amaze me with her empathy and ability to stay connected with me, and she sees beyond words, pointing out nuances in my sharing which enabled me to achieve a breakthrough.

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